Monday, February 6, 2017

Four months!

HAPPY FEBRUARY. I've been in brazil for 4 months and today i saw an iguana. So cool stuff happening.
So the transfer is tomorrow and i will be staying in Camaçari! I will be getting a new companion though- Sister Torquato. She is from Rio De Janeiro and we were in the CTM together! Im excited to meet her and get to work!
This Saturday we will have a baptism for Ana Luiza! Ana Luiza is the grand daughter of Irma Haidee and she is so cute. She is 9 so technically shes an investigator but not really because she already knows everything about the church and shes been going her whole life. Her mom didnt allow her to be baptized last year but now she is letting her! Im so excited.
One of our investigators Auzenie is progressing well. Her family is all members and she knows alot about the church but she hasnt been baptized because she always works on sundays. We have seen so much progress and i think even little miracles with her these past few weeks. We taught her about the importance and blessings of the gospel and of church attendance and the spirit is always really strong. This week she told us how she has been feeling a desire to come to church again. She said she doesnt want to work on sundays anymore. And she said that lately she has been feeling very strongly like she needs to read the scriptures. She said sometimes she hears a voice in her head telling her to read. We told her that this is the spirit and how important is is to follow those promptings. I have faith in her and we are going to try and make sure she gets to church this sunday.
Something that we do sometimes is walk up to people on the street and ask is we can pray with them. Its the scariest thing ever because you have to be really bold. But its been such a cool experience for me. We pray with probably 20 people on the street everyday because the people here love god and know hes real and love to pray to him. Well i felt so impressed to pray l with a man sitting alone in the middle of this park yetsreday. I felt really nervous and scared but i looked at my companion and said "vamos orar come aquele homem" and we went and we prayed with him and i have never seen someone so thankful and happy in my life. As we walked away i looked back and saw that he was smiling and watching us walk away with a smile i will never ever forget. The people here have so much faith. They love to pray. i felt gods love so strong for this little old man. Sometimes all people need is a prayer. to feel of gods love for them. And thats a cool part about this work is that there are so many times that i forget that i am only here to be an instrument in the hands of god. To do as he would do and to use spirit to find those people who need the gospel. for 18 months i get to work for god and only god. i get to forget myself and my own doubts and insecurities and speak with his spirit and just have the faith that it will be ok. Its really not about me. i am not doing anything. i am nothing without god and i realize that more and more everyday. There is NO way im doing this by myself.
I have been studying humility amd i came across a quote i really liked
I have never had to rely on god more in my whole life. I have never cried so much or felt more nervous and inadequate in my life. But because of this i have never prayed so much and seen god helping me so much in my life. Through these hard experiences i recognize more that god is so real. I recognize that prayer works and we can find peace in a hard moment if we just get on our knees and speak to him and ask him for his divine help.
I have been humbled by this work already and i know i will learn more as time goes on. This is the hardest thing ive ever done hands down. but i think one day ill say its the best decision i ever made. I have alreday learned so much and ive been changed already by the things ive experienced.
I wish i had a funny story this week but i cant think. honestly just sacrament meeting here is the funniest most entertaining thing. I have never seen a meeting move so slowly in my life. The hymns take 3 years to get through because evryone draws out there words for like minute a word. i swear somtimes everything is moving in slow motion haha. The people are just so laid back. Its honestly great.
Well i think thats all i got. oh but pls pray for me because i have to give a talk in sacrament meeting this sunday and bishop asked me to teach an english class on thursday nights.

ok love u all. thank u for your emails i wish i had time to write you all back and tell you how cool i think you all are.


TCHAU sister lytle

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