Monday, February 20, 2017

Oi from Brazil!
This week was great and we are finding new people to teach and its just awesome. Oh something cool..we had 12 investigators at church on sunday. 12. TWELVE. DOZEN. WHAT. I didnt believe my eyes but God heard our prayers and we are just seeing miracles.
We had a zone conference this week in Salvador which was super awesome. I learned alot because now i can actually understand what people are saying! YAA! We learned about the importance of working with members. Its so true that we have so much more success when the members help out by giving us references or by visiting people with us. WE also learned about the importance of daily repentance. This is something that I never really grasped the importance of before my mission. We need to be repenting everyday because surely everyday we make mistakes. But we need to be humble enough to ask for this forgiveness everyday and try to be a little better the next. Also especially as missionaries we cant walk around telling people they need to repent if we arent repenting ourselves. But im learning and gaining more of a testimony that repentance truly is a gift from god because without it we cant ever return to his presence.
We are working really hard with Nadson and set a new date for baptism for March 4th. He is still struggling and saying he has fear but we arent sure of what yet. But i have so much faith in him and he comes to church every week in a white shirt and he goes to the activities too! i have been working with nadson since the first day in the field-almost 5 months! I have seen such a change in him and i know he will be ready by the 4th..he just has to believe that himself.
We also are tecahing a girl names Melissa. Shes 9 and will be baptized on the 4th as well. She is awesome and is super excited to be baptized but still has alot to learn. I love teaching kids about the gospel because everything is so much simpler and they are so honest and sincere. Her mom is a reccent convert and has been helping us out alot.
My companion is the best. She is so funny. Heres a story for everyone to have a good laugh:
So the other day she found a butterfly cocoon on the ground and decided she wanted to bring it home and build a home for it. i wanted to say ummm are you 5 years old? but i was nice and said ok go ahead instead.
She talked about this butterfly everyday. she would say "oh my companion, one day it will come out of the cocoon and be so beautiful" and i went along with it but i was pretty sure it was dead since it was on the ground and since it had been sitting inside our house for like 4 days. Didnt want to break my companions heart though. well the other night i was just starting to fall asleep when she starts yelling "SISTER SISTER!!" and then i feel something hit me square in the head. WELL JUST GUESS WHAT IT WAS. We turned the lights on and there is the biggest ugliest moth ive ever seen in my life. Im not kidding this thing was huge. size of a small bird. So theres this weird brazilian moth flying around our house and my companion running after it with a cup yelling "MELISSA AUBREY!" (she named it both of our first names lol)
anyways we opened the windows and waited in sheer terror for this weird moth butterfly bird thing to leave for like 20 minutes. And then finally it flies out the window and my sister torquato looks at me with tears in her eyes (im not kidding) and says in english "Melissa Aubrey is baby is gone" hahahahha i have never laughed so hard.
Anyways that was my week. Taught lots of cool people and am learning so much about our savior jesus christ and what he did for us and the plan our heavenly father has for us. we are so lucky to have this knowledge. what happiness it brings and what comfort in times of anxiety.
I miss you all! I love you all!
sister lytle tchau!

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