Monday, February 27, 2017

"He said YES!"

Oi family and friends
Nadson will be baptized this FRIDAY. WHAT. This is a miracle. I am so happy.  Nadson was one of the first investigators i met on my mission 5 months ago. For 5 months I've worked with him and invited him to read the book of mormon and pray and for 5 months he didnt. For 5 months he didnt want anything to do with baptism. He was shy and closed off and didnt really care to listen to our messages. For a short amount of time we gave up a little bit on him. But we really felt like we needed to try again this transfer. we prayed and fasted so hard for him. And these past few weeks i have seen such a change in him. And tuesday night we ran into him in the chapel and started talking and i felt so impressed to invite him to be baptized friday march 3rd. It was weird because we werent in a lesson but i just felt like i should so i talked with my companion and we invited him. and he said yes. HE SAID YES. We visited him every day this weekk because i was scared that he would change his mind or something. But no. Hes so happy! He so excited! Hes a differnt person! Im so happy. He will be baptized friday i dont believe what im typing!
haha but i have such a testimony that the spirit can change a person. His mom is so happy. Shes a recent convert and whne i called her and told her he accepted baptism she thought i was joking but after started crying and screaming haha. You all just wait for the ahppy baptism photos next week!
i have never felt so much joy/frustration/sadness/annoyance for the lives of other people before. i have never been so concerned for the lives of other people before. Honestly it's exhausting. but its great too because i can forget my own issues (a lot) for a minute. Helping others is the best part about this work.

Every day is hard but also every day I see really cool things and meet really cool people. I know this isnt supposed to be easy. Because if it was easy then it wouldnt mean anything. Every day when we talk to peopel in the street they say "you arent from here are you?" haha and then i say nop im from america and then they say what what the heck are you doing here! and then i get to tell them why i left my family and home and life and came to dirty sweaty brazil haha. but its cool because what an opportunity to bear my testimony of this work. Oh man i miss my family and home. but its just a short time more. and i still have to find a family to baptize and bring to this happiness before i can come home haha.
all will be well. missionary work is so cool!! the gift of tongues is real! A boy in the ward here got his mission call to japan this past week. his mom just about died. I told her my mom felt just about the same way about me coming here. but it was cool because i was able to talk to felipe about the gift of tongues and the reality of it. I know japanese is way harder than portuguese but people i never thought i could learn any language and here i am with 5 months in my mission able to speak and understand almost everything. and i know its not me. im not a very smart girl i know that. but i am with the spirit and with god. and so i know the gift of tongues is real.
well. i love you all so much. my freinds and cousins and aunt and uncles and gmas and gpas and family. i wish i could name you all and just tell u all how cool i think you are. thank you for your love and support and prayers.
tchau tchau
sister lytle
"Little girl I taught who had a Buddy bunny, I cried"

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